About me

Hi, my name's Catherine and I'm a freelance personal trainer based at Beeston Pure Gym, Nottingham, UK. I have experience in a multitude of sports including Swimming, Tae-Kwan-Do, Kickboxing, Rugby, American Football and 3 years as a competitive Powerlifter with the IPF. During which time I placed first in the under 63kg weight category at the 2018 North West regional championships, and had a bench press personal best of 75kg (without assistance). 

In my athletic career, I’ve learnt the importance of sustainable exercise programming to support longevity of health. As a result, I’m a huge advocate of using correct form and technique to get the most out of workouts as possible.  

I aspire to provide people with the tools to obtain a better quality of life. Health and fitness is NOT a one size fits all industry; everyone has their own goals, needs, likes, dislikes and routines. When helping you to pursue your fitness goals, I put all of these into consideration to make an effective and enjoyable programme. 

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